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  • Matthew Hook

What you deserve to know about Matt

I decided to run for US Representative of Indiana’s 5th district because of concerns for the fiscal and environmental problems we are leaving future generations. Because I voted Republican in the mayoral race, given there were no Democrats on the ballot, the rules dictate I run as a Republican, or get sign-off from the Democratic county chairman. Although I am happy to run as a Republican, voters deserve to know I have always been independent and will continue to be if elected. Like many reading this, I don’t fit squarely within either party and believe many of us have a lot more in common than party labels may suggest. Therefore, I am gladly abiding by the rules legislated by the two party system and the primary process paid for by us as taxpayers in the hopes of addressing significant issues facing future generations that no one is talking about.

Interestingly, the Constitution does not mention political parties yet George Washington is the only President who did not represent one. In Washington’s Farewell Address in 1796, he feared the parties, which began forming during his presidency, would lead to a “spirit of revenge” and ultimately be used to further their own power; instead of for the good of the people. I fear we have moved past a generation exemplified by George H. W. Bush who was willing to sacrifice for the good of the country and demonstrated the courage to work across party lines to address deficits and acid rain even though he knew he would pay a political price. It may be hard to remember but his tax increases along with those of the Clinton administration ultimately led to budget surpluses in excess of $300 billion and a strong economy.

If you need a label on a candidate, I am probably not the right one for you. However, before choosing a candidate, please ask what specifically the candidate plans to do about the $1,000,000,000,000 annual deficits, insolvency facing Medicare and Social Security and the devastation caused by climate change. Addressing these issues will not be without some reasonable sacrifice, as previous generations have sacrificed for us, but we owe it to our children and our children’s children.

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