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  • Matthew Hook

What Does America First Mean Now?

To answer this question, we should look for inspiration from the great patriot George C. Marshall, described by both history and those who knew him as an honorable and selfless leader. History looks favorably on many of Marshall’s positions, which were often unpopular at the time. Marshall was a fierce advocate against our isolationism while Germany was ravaging Europe. Following Pearl Harbor, he fought to prioritize war in Europe over war with Japan, in order to help our allies despite America’s desire for revenge against Japan. Marshall proposed and tirelessly pursued the plan to rebuild Europe at great expense to America, which Truman insisted be called the Marshall Plan.

During these troubled times we should consider what America First does mean. We may also want to consider what Illinois, New York, California, NJ and Indiana First mean as states compete for precious medical equipment. What does Me First mean to our healthcare workers, first responders and others who continue to sacrifice and serve at their own peril.

There can be no doubt Marshall, the five-star general, spent his life putting America First. However, like the poet John Donne, Marshall realized no man is an island. Marshall played the long game and understood helping others would have great benefits down the road.

Matthew Hook,

Republican Candidate for IN 5th Congressional District

Carmel, IN

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